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Top Reasons to have KAPE LORENZO coffee drip bags

There are days when we want a good cup of coffee – real coffee – not the commercially available instant soluble coffee. Many times, yearning for that soothing aroma filling the room as the hot water hit the perfectly ground beans against the filter and the different taste profiles playing on our taste buds soon when we take that first sip.

Mr. Chad Dizon, proprietor of Kape Lorenzo, aims to bring to more Filipinos a better coffee experience, more than the instant soluble coffees in sachet we see ubiquitously. The brand is hailed from the first Filipino catholic saint – San Lorenzo Ruiz.

Kape Lorenzo Pampanga Third wave coffee kapampangan traveller (1).jpg
Coffee Drip Bags that are easy to prepare whenever I crave for a good cup of coffee

He also has this goal to introduce the so called Third wave coffee idea to more Filipinos. The discuss succinctly, First wave describes as the “commodity coffee” brands that do not really focus on quality or source of beans, say the instant coffees in commercial sachets. Second wave can be attributed as special coffee experience such as lattes and cappuccinos in posh cafes and you can chose from coffee beans sourced from different regions, if available on their shelves. The Third wave describes as deep focus on the coffee beans – noting on the source, level of roasting and appreciating different taste and aroma profiles.  First and Second wave involves mass consumption while Third wave focuses on deeper appreciation, not just the coffee beans, but also, the art of brewing it and the ethics  starting in the process from direct sourcing of beans.

Here are my reasons in having Kape Lorenzo a coffee staple in our home:

Quick Preparation

There is less time to retrieve coffee equipment from your cupboard, shelves or pantry. We always wanted that quick caffeine pick up and Kape Lorenzo’s drip bags are the best alternative to commercially available instant mixed sachet-ed coffee. I was able to prepare my coffee at my work-from-home table.

Less equipment use and less cleanup time.

What you will simply need is your favorite coffee mug, the drip bags and the kettle,s same as preparing your instant commercial mixed coffee sachet. The drip bags are disposable and biodegradable. Only your coffee mug needs soapy washing.

Portability and Space Saving packaging

You can enjoy your favorite locally sourced coffee everywhere. You can bring your own thermal flask. The minimalist design and space saving packaging, you can easily stash it in your travel or office bag. You do not need to fear on the packaging accidentally burst opening inside a tightly packed bag. One aspect you can have is a coffee-scented bag, which I personally love.

On my end, I can always pack two-coffee drip bags and fill up my Klean Kanteen flask with hot water, and have my caffeine dose anywhere I want.

Identified Coffee Been Source

Our country has many regions that can support cultivation of Coffee. Batangas is the well-known producer. The Cordillera region, the SOX region and Davao region too are good source of coffee beans. Kape Lorenzo has indicated in their individual skin-toned packaging the source of the coffee beans. Thereby, you would know which community you are able to support. Please note that owners of Kape Lorenzo are directly sourcing to the coffee farmers, local cooperatives and roasters – one way to support the local coffee industry.

Delivered at your doorstep 

If you do not have time to queue up on a packed supermarket or grocery, you can actually arrange for delivery conveniently at your doorstep. Since we are currently on a pandemic situation (as of writing), having them delivered safely at your home is the better option. To date, they are able to deliver the experience in places like Isabela, Baguio, Central Luzon region, Cebu  and even all the way to Davao.

Kape Lorenzo Pampanga Third wave coffee kapampangan traveller (4)
I was able to have four differently sourced coffee drip bags

The coffee industry in the Philippines is hounded with different issues in its supply chain, leading the coffee producers themselves to earn meager, and this Third Wave coffee advocates are helping the coffee farmers through educating the public in better coffee appreciation. More than a morning pick me up beverage or a dose that keeps the withdrawal headache at bay, each coffee bean are produced with clean hands and the these farmers deserve a better recognition.

To order, you can message their Facebook Page and Instagram AccountKAPE LORENZO

Kape Lorenzo Pampanga Third wave coffee kapampangan traveller (2).jpg
Now, my daily morning ritual, Tadian sourced beans

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