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Bulacan’s Festival of Festival, the Singkaban Festival, is launched this September 9, 2019, right at the facade of the province’s neo-gothic style Provincial Capitol. Despite the downpour, the opening program ended successfully and did not deter the performances.

Singkaban Festival 2019 Opening Performances (1).jpg

I was having goosebumps while listening to the powerful vocals of Ms. Trixie, in blue gown. The dance performances during the opening program exude an energetic and powerful message with its smooth choreography and facial expressions, despite the rain.

Opening Ceremony Hon. Daniel Fernando Singkaban Festival 2019.jpg

According to the governor, Hon. Daniel Fernando, their version of celebration is not the usual mardi gras type we see with other festivals in the Philippines, but the activities are focused to promote the heritage, language, arts and culture of their beloved already world-class province.  The Singkaban Festival is packed with week-long activities that would truly showcase its talents, here is a summary of the activities:

Singkaban Festival 2019 Schedule of Activities (2).jpg
Source: Bulacan Provincial Government FB Page

The festivities kicked off the with the annual float parade featuring indigenous materials like bamboo. All of the municipalities of Bulacan flaunted their creative masterpieces in front of Bulacan’s leaders and judges. Here are the photographs of the amazing floats:


Aside from the Amazing and Creative Floats, there are dance performers in between:

Also, included on their floats are the municipalities’ Kings and Queens:

Covering Singkaban Festival is made possible by the Department of Tourism – Region through Ms. Pia Manabat – my heartfelt thanks. I was able to interact with the Provincial Tourism Officer of Bulacan, Dr. Eliseo Dela Cruz, and of Nueva Ecija, Atty. Jomar San Pedro. Such a rare opportunity to be with these gentle and kind hearts, and brains.

with Dr. Eliseo and Atty. Jomar.jpg
Dakal a Salamat!

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