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In today’s society, a variety of stressors bombards a person each and every conscious moment. Keeping your body and mind healthy is now relevant to keep pace in the very demanding today’s world. A lot of supplements became available in the market and most commonly comes with a hefty price tag.

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Angeleños are blessed to have HEALTHY HABITS having its first store in Angeles City. Located along McArthur Highway, beside Shakey’s Angeles Branch, Health Habits sell quality and affordable health supplements for Kapampangan’s different needs. Nearest Landmark is the Angeles-Pandan intersection.


With PURITAN PRIDE as its forerunning brand, the store provides a wide choice of vitamin and herbal supplements specific to each individual’s need. I personally choose the Nature’s Way ALIVE Multi-Vitamin Natural Supplement and PURITAN PRIDE Fish Oil for my heart health. Being a traveller and a corporate junkie, this is a perfect natural vitamin supplement for me. I personally tried the Herbal Supplement for three weeks and found it effective. The ALIVE MAX DAILY truly served its purpose. I felt energetic and awake the whole day! Must try. From my experience, I took 2 capsules in the morning and pop 1 in the afternoon with food.

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Personal Choice of Puritans Pride and Nature’s Way

Come and visit their store and have a talk with its supportive staff regarding your specific supplemental needs. Available also are supplements for body builders.


Open from Mondays to Sundays

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Like their Facebook page!

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