Started as a gig inside their company, the Abe Abe Musikeros of Sutherland Global in Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga, have thought to create a charitable event for a cause. Having two colleagues stricken with cancer, they coordinated a rock festival with internal bands and guest bands performing on the event night.


Abe Abe Musikeros Charity Event (18).jpg

An event they describe as, “for a cause, not for a applause”, drew a huge support with a full house inside the Barrel House Bar in Balibago, Angeles City.

Abe Abe Musikeros Charity Event (4).jpg

In the midst of the gig, the relatives of the beneficiaries, Mr. Juan Paulo Capili and Paula Dela Cruz-Castro, had spoken and expressed their gratitude to the audience. Seats were all occupied and seemingly orders of foods and drinks came continuously, nevertheless, I observed that the crowd enjoyed the event.

Abe Abe Musikeros Charity Event (9).jpg
The band that stared it all, the GJX Band

The bands truly expressed their sheer talent with their own renditions of songs from the 80’s up to the current ones. I, myself, was amazed with the rock rendition of Hello by Adele performed by The Dirty Project Band. The vocalist truly had my attention.

Abe Abe Musikeros Charity Event (5).jpg

Watching this event had a bit personal touch for me because I myself experienced first hand having my late mom battling stage 4 Breast Cancer and later had succumb to it. This is an event I would ever hardly forget.

Abe Abe Musikeros Charity Event (75).jpg

Abe Abe Musikeros Charity Event (22).jpg
Sir Steve Mamangun, one of the active organiser of the event

Abe Abe Musikeros Charity Event (52).jpg



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  1. Abigail Cruz says:

    Please correct one of the beneficiaries name to Mrs. Paula Dela Cruz-Castro. Thanks.
    -Abby, organizer

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Ms. Abby, done correcting the name of the beneficiary. Appreciate it. 🙂


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