With restaurants ubiquitous with wireless fidelity signals to feed the digital generation of its hunger for online presence, Urban Table Bistro maintained its wifi-free environment to foster interaction and quality bonding. The restaurant would welcome you with intimate interiors of wooden fixtures with homey accents. Warm lighting fosters the feeling of calmness and relaxation.

Pampanga Blogger's Society with Chef Don Quito.jpg

The Pampanga Blogger’s Society group with Chef Don Quito

With Chef Don Quito’s passion for maintaining the quality of his food and not sacrificing innovation, he developed the array of dishes in his menu at Urban table Bistro which he described as the Classic Favorites Reinvented. There are many dishes that I have made my first try in this very restaurant. The overall visual presentation of the food is excellent that is perfect for social media post enthusiasts.

Urban Table Bistro City of San Fernando Pampanga (1).jpg

What caught me by surprise is his unique CHOCOLATE BAGOONG PASTA, the mix of sweet and salty tastes made a wonderful surprise on my taste buds with that miraculously lesser obscenity of the fermented shrimp paste.

Urban Table Bistro City of San Fernando Pampanga (61).jpg
Chocolate Bagoong Pasta


The SEAFOOD PASTA came with an al dente pasta with flavourful sauce and humongous prawns partnered with a long crunchy toast.

Urban Table Bistro City of San Fernando Pampanga (177).jpg
Seafood Pasta

Best during long barkada catch ups, the DIRTY FRIES  with FLAVOURED BEERS comes in almost perfect partnership while waiting for the late comer friends.

Urban Table Bistro City of San Fernando Pampanga (212).jpg
Dirty Fries and Flavoured Beers


Being a Filipino, who would say no for the uber CRISPY CHICHARON that comes in thin fried strips and that divine vinegar sauce, and the Kapampangan classic, MORCON for a protein packed meal.

Urban Table Bistro City of San Fernando Pampanga (245).jpg
Urban Table Bistro City of San Fernando Pampanga (138).jpg

Treat your parents with tender DRUNKEN BBQ RIBS and GRILLED CHICKEN INASAL with delightful Mango Salsa on top.

Ever craved for something ultra crunchy pork? Try Chef Don’s own version of BAGNET.

Urban Table Bistro City of San Fernando Pampanga (239).jpg
Crispy Bagnet

Feeling  an ailment is about to arouse from the abyss? Gulp the MALUNGGAY DOUBLE APPLE SHAKE, STRAWBERRY SHAKE and HONEY CALAMANSI JUICE with CHIA SEEDS, packed with nutrients that would surely help you ward off any starting illness.

Urban Table Bistro City of San Fernando Pampanga (130).jpg
Honey Calamansi with Chia Seeds and Flavoured Beer


Urban Table Bistro City of San Fernando Pampanga (105).jpg
Strawberry Shake and Malunggay Double Apple

Have a good morning feel with his own version of SPAM FRITTATA, I personally loved the cheese sauce toppings! Partner this egg dish with the HOUSE SALAD for a complete meal.

To perfectly cap your bonding, it is best to share the MANGO TANGO and YEMA BRULEE for your sweet tooth cravings.

Urban Table Bistro restaurant is located in the Greenfields restaurant chains in City of San Fernando. Nearest landmark is the Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

Contact Details:

Store Hours: Mondays to Saturdays: 11:00AM to 11:00PM | Sundays: 11:00 AM to 10:00PM

Address: Unit 101 Greenfields Square, McArthur Highway, Sindalan, City of San Fernando, Pampanga

Mobile Number:  +63 916-596-0045

Email: urbantable@gmail.com

Website: www.urbantablebistro.com


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